Program Plans

Racing Plan

For the avid racer who is looking to get in shape, but maybe newer to working out or just looking to get in sailing shape. The program is designed to develop all areas needed for sailing, included legs, arms, core, cardio and strength. The program consists of a strength portion and a workout of the day. The strength program works on building general strength, and includes accessory work to add to it. The workouts of the day vary in length and style, but will get your heart rate up and make sailing feel a lot easier mentally.*

Pro- Racing

This program is designed for those who know what position they intend to compete in, either a hiking position, or a trapezing position. Each position has its own strength program based on what is slightly more required for that position. That being said, all muscle groups will be trained for both positions. The Workouts of the day will be the same as the Racing workouts that will make your days on the water feel like a breeze.*

Elite Racing

This program is a personalized program for elite level training. It requires commitment from the sailor athlete, but will help you reach your goals. The program is designed around your personal goals, your personal needs and where you are with your training. It also is modified week to week as needed based on your travel to training and competition. The program is 5-6 days long per week including both strength, cardio, and workouts. The workouts will have suggested weights for you to used based on what your coach feels you should be able to do and you will have a target goal for each workout given by the coach.*